Open SUNY has developed an online course design rubric and process that addresses both the instructional design and accessibility of an online course that is openly licensed for anyone to use and adapt.

The aim of the Open SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR) Rubric and Process is to support continuous improvements to the quality and accessibility of online courses, while also providing a system-wide approach to collect data across campuses, institutions, departments, and programs that can be used to inform faculty development, and support large scale online course design review and refresh efforts systematically and consistently.

To help with implementation of the Rubric and the Dashboard, these videos will serve as a guide:

OSCQR Rubric Videos

How to change the standards in a rubric

How to change the priorities for each standard in the OSCQR Rubric

OSCQR Dashboard Videos

How to add the OSCQR Dashboard to your Google Drive

OSQCR Dashboard - 2 Minute Walkthrough

Getting started with the OSCQR Dashboard

Deleting a course from the Dashboard

Deleting a rubric from the Dashboard

Analytics: Viewing

Analytics: How to Change the Graphs